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Your Team

At D&H, you and your business will have access to experienced partners, managers, staff accountants and articling students working together to give you a broad range of personalized service in all practice areas

We are committed to an ongoing and formal program of continuous professional development to develop and enhance the expertise of every member of the D&H team. This commitment, vital in today’s rapidly changing world, ensure our ongoing provision of exceptional and up-to-date professional accounting services.


Photograph of Arthur D. Azana Arthur D. Azana
Photograph of Brant W. Grondin Brant W. Grondin
Photograph of Bryce A. McGee Bryce A. McGee
Photograph of Carly A. Bergman Carly A. Bergman
Photograph of Christopher N. Clifford Christopher N. Clifford
Photograph of Craig T. Cox Craig T. Cox
Photograph of Dennis W. Louie Dennis W. Louie
Photograph of Gordon D. Cummings Gordon D. Cummings
Photograph of Jeffrey R. Foreman Jeffrey R. Foreman
Photograph of Jennifer A. Caldwell Jennifer A. Caldwell
Photograph of Larry R. Bisaro Larry R. Bisaro
Photograph of Michael E. Louie Michael E. Louie
Photograph of Michael K. Wong Michael K. Wong
Photograph of Ryan M. Halfnights Ryan M. Halfnights
Photograph of Simon W. Chen Simon W. Chen

Senior Staff

Photograph of Alexandr Rinberg Alexandr Rinberg
Photograph of Brandon MacNeil Brandon MacNeil
Photograph of Cody Adam Cody Adam
Photograph of Darren Radons Darren Radons
Photograph of Elida Kong Elida Kong
Photograph of Heather H. Chow Heather H. Chow
Photograph of Jackie Wong Jackie Wong
Photograph of Jean Paul Mactal Jean Paul Mactal
Photograph of Jill Hendrickson Jill Hendrickson
Photograph of Jonathan To Jonathan To
Photograph of Khrystyna Voytkova Khrystyna Voytkova
Photograph of Nancy Lum Nancy Lum
Photograph of Norman C. Gee Norman C. Gee
Photograph of Simon Leon Simon Leon
Photograph of Stephen Koke Stephen Koke
Photograph of Trevor Nakanishi Trevor Nakanishi

Emeritus Principals

Photograph of Michael O. Nakanishi Michael O. Nakanishi
Photograph of R. Bruce MacFarlane R. Bruce MacFarlane
Photograph of Tom C. Hamar Tom C. Hamar

Interested in joining D&H?

Whether you’re a student or an experienced professional, D&H Group LLP is always looking for great talent to join the team.

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